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The Racism of Intellectuals

June 7, 2012

Over at Warscapes, French philosopher Alain Badiou takes aim at left, right, and center in a scathing essay examining racism, immigration and the politics of the Fifth Republic which has recently witnessed record voter support for the xenophobe Marine Le Pen. Badiou writes that “The record vote for far-right candidate Marine Le Pen in this year’s French elections stunned everyone and left them scrambling for answers. The political establishment has always had easy sociological explanations at hand. They blame the French lower classes, the small town folk who have been misled, the working class, the under-educated, those frightened by globalization, the decline in purchasing power, the outsourcing of jobs, the presence of unfamiliar foreigners at their borders and the desire to retreat into nationalism and xenophobia.

Keep reading at Warscapes…

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