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FireDogLake Book Salon with Hannah Gurman

June 28, 2012

On Sunday, July 8, I’ll be hosting the FireDogLake Book Salon with New York University’s Hannah Gurman at 5:00pm. We’ll be discussing her recent, and excellent, book, The Dissent Papers: The Voices of Diplomats in the Cold War and BeyondAs FDL notes,

Beginning with the Cold War and concluding with the 2003 invasion of Iraq, Hannah Gurman explores the overlooked opposition of U.S. diplomats to American foreign policy in the latter half of the twentieth century. During America’s reign as a dominant world power, U.S. presidents and senior foreign policy officials largely ignored or rejected their diplomats’ reports, memos, and telegrams, especially when they challenged key policies relating to the Cold War, China, and the wars in Vietnam and Iraq. The Dissent Papers recovers these diplomats’ invaluable perspective and their commitment to the transformative power of diplomatic writing.

We’ll be talking about all this, and more, and interested readers are invited to submit their questions in this open, online discussion. The Book Salon series has featured plenty of exciting writers in recent months, including Pulitzer Prize winning authors Tim Weiner and Ellen Schultz, Thomas Frank, Glenn Greenwald, Corey Robin, Christian Parenti, Linda Hirschman, Chris Hayes, Van JonesAndrew Bacevich, Medea Benjamin, James Galbraith, Greg Palast, Tom Englehardt, Dylan Ratigan, and a host of many other thoughtful and provocative thinkers.

My discussion with Gurman should be equally informative. I hope some of you are able to tune in. If you want any more information, please don’t hesitate to be in touch.

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